How to Win at the Eager Zebra Games!

Yes, SFI has joined the land of the GAMERS, they have taken our business to a whole new level with the Eager Zebra Games! If you haven’t played a game, or if you are afraid you will not know what

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Check out IZEA!


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Do You Know Your ABC’s

What a silly question, do you know your ABC’s, of course you do, you learned those before the first grade in school. ┬áBut in network marketing, they take on a whole new light. After the ABCs, what comes next, why

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I Too, Have a Dream!

  This picture makes me angry and disgusted that I have lived through a generation of hateful, ignorant, racist folks, only to find out, it was nothing personal, just politics, as usual. We are taught hate, we are taught racism,

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Successful at Working from Home

In order to be successful at your “work at home” business, and after branding yourself in the marketplace, you must advertise yourself to those interested in your products. One good example is Stone Evans, the “HomeBizGuy”, he has branded himself

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